image Valerie S.

I wanted to updated my review, I used wolf gang for my first dog Brutus. My first experience was not the best and I was closed to taking him out of the in kennel trianing due to lack of communicati...

image Sofia F.

Hi my name is Sofia the owner of Russo. I am proud of my dog for being so obedient tanks to Wolfgang and Letti and also for Kevin for his amazing job in helping Russo for his protection. Also...

image Sonia R.

My family has been going to Wolfgang for over a year. Our dog's name is Russo. We are really fortunate to have found a place where they do care about training the dogs. The instructors are...

image Rejah A.

Today was our 4th session here. Our German Shepard, Bella is 11 months old & has progressed so much with just these 4 sessions. The trainers, Hector & Steven are AMAZING. They take the time...

image Abanoub A.

So I have tried everything with both my German shepard and nothing was working. I have a 3 year old male and a 6 month old female. So I brought them to Wolfgang in house training for 4 weeks...

image Micheal S.

Took my German Shepard here for her obedience training and could not be happier with her performance and outcome with the puppy course they offer. This is my first German Shepard dog and I...

image Mike S.

Wolfgang and his team are the best in the business. If your looking for a trained protection dog or to have your house dog trained make sure to give them a call. The never ending help with...

Professional Service
Over 40 years of experience

What Makes us Different                                                                                Schutzhund training & participation at the highest level.
Show training & participation at the highest level.
Protection training seminars across America.
Police dog training and military dog training in the field of protection, drugs, explosives.
Family and personal protection dog training.

Professional Service
Over 40 years of experience

We’re experts in our field. WOLFGANG has more than 40 Years experience  

We are experts in our field and leaders in our industry, we’re committed to upholding the highest standard of service for all our clients.


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