FRequently Asked Questions

Wolfgang Expert Dog Training

1. What makes you different? 

At Wolfgang expert dog training, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers and clients are satisfied. We're not ok with "just ok". We want you to be happy with your companion.

2. Can I purchase a protection dog if I live out of state? 

Yes, We hand deliver protection dogs to all 50 states. There may be addition fees with hand delivered protection dogs.

3. Do you have flexible pricing on protection dogs? 

No. Our dogs take time to be expertly trained to suit our clients need. Call or setup a consultation today!

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4. How do I get in touch with you?

We're available by phone during business hours. You can also always get in touch with us via our support email.

5. I'd like to do In-Kennel Training. What is required?
 - Pet Insurance
6. Can you make my current dog a protection companion?
Yes, We offer advance protection for dogs that have received obedience training with us. Call or setup a consultation today!
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