Wolfgang Expert Dog Training specializes in customized K9 training to best suit the needs of our client. Whether its a family of five that wants a well mannered pet with the ability to protect, an adventurer that loves the outdoors and wants an obedient and just-as-adventurous companion to travel with, a farmer that needs his animals and land to be protected, or a busy businessman that needs his home protected, we custom-tailor your dog to fit right into your lifestyle.

We take pride in our training methods and treat each dog as if it was one of our own. All of our trainers here in the facility work very hard with each individual dog to ensure that the dog stays happy and confident and eager to learn because we know how important the new member of your family is and how important the safety of your family is. We believe our clients deserve the best, therefore, we only offer the best. Allow us to bring you a dog that can adapt to your everyday needs and to your way of life. Let our custom K9 training result in your dream dog.

In-Kennel Training Programs


You dog will be under our care for an intensive, customized approach to its training over the course of several weeks. We focus on targeted training and in-depth obedience training, advanced obedience training, behavior modification, socialization and protection training. For puppies 3 to 12 months or dogs 10 months and older.

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10-Session Training Program


Your dog will come at least twice a week for ten sessions. We focus on obedience and protection training. For dogs and puppies 3 months and older.

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