There is no better trainer of working line German Shepherds than Wolfgang.

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Wolfgang's skill as a trainer is second to none, and we couldn't be happier we are working with him.

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Expert training with amazing dogs! From protection to obedience, they do it all!

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I I really wants to say thank to them, they save my family with my new 4-year-old German Sheppard.

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Thanks Wolfgang expert trainers! Thank you all, your team is awesome!

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All the trainers are great to work with and highly skilled.

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I plan on training Ajax with Wolfgang for the rest of his life and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

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Wolfgang Expert K9 Training is a phenomenal facility led by world class dog trainer, Wolfgang Radar.

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On November 7th 2015 my family and I went to the NKLA at the La Brea Tar Pits to find a new dog. We took our youngest grandson with us since he is with us the most.
After we walked around the Tar Pits for an hour looking at all kind of dogs we just did not see any dog that caught our eyes. We saw big dogs small dog and a bunch of Pit Bulls. So we were about to go home we decided to walk around the Pits one more time thinking that we might have missed something the first time, guess what we did we went back to this recuse named Good Dog Good Talk Recuse. They had this GSD in the back of the booth when I saw him I knew that was my dog. On November 14th 2015 my dog Major came to his forever home. The only thing that this GSD was able to do was sit and down for treats only and he was already house broken. Oh, did I say that Major was a recuse, yes a recuse all we were looking for was a family mutt. After a few weeks of have this dog I found my way to Wolfgang Expert K-9 Training when we talked and I showed you Major you told me that Major had a rough time and that the last few months and that he does not trust me yet and that I need to build a bond with him first. So I took those words to heart and did not get mad and started to build a bond with my recused dog. I took Major every were the park, the beach, the mall if I was going so did he. I thought everything was going OK, but this dog was a runner, and would not come when he was called and he ran more than one time thank God when I came back to Wolfgang in January he said that we were ready for training Major and I. Wolfgang explained each training technique, he also gave reasoning behind the technique so that everyone could understand what was expected from them and their dog. So at the end of any training session you were able to go home and work with your dog. After our first month of training Major and I both came a long way in a short time. Major was sitting and downing on command without looking for a treat for doing it. The biggest thing that we both received from training was that I was shown and taught how to be the pack leader. I was shown and thought if your dog does not have good obedience you will not have a good family dog even more you not have a good protection dog. I was also taught the importance of giving clear commands to my dog. One of the big things that I had to do was the home work. So I made a game out of it all those trip and walks we did some type of training sitting and staying and downing. The months that followed Major and I were given more and more task to work on and train on, yes obedience and protection remembering obedience is the key. It feels good when you are walking your dog and people complement you on your dog’s behavior. After three months of training I'm proud to say that the mutt we were looking for was a BIG Piece of GOLD. Major is sitting, downing working on leash and off leash, yes OFF leash. I'm able to let Major in the front yard at home I will let him go four houses away and he comes when called. We are starting our fourth month of training and we will be working on sharpening our on leash and off leash work. Thank You Wolfgang and your staff with all your help and training.

Steve, Sylvia, and Major Swartz

Wolfgang, Daniel, and other son. Wanted to write a thank you for your help as decoys. Your willingness to help with my special needs and make suggestions in a kind way has taken my dog to the top in competitions in a matter of weeks. THANK YOU. Last month we were high in trial at a SCH.competition -high obedience, protection and tracking . Last weekend we were high in trial both days in obedience in level 3 at a PSA trial. We also were High Protection and Obedience in level 3 on Sunday with the highest obedience score (Which does include bite work) ever given to a dog at any level . Again thank you Rader family for helping bring my dog up to this level.

Steve Garvin and Roadie

It is a genuine pleasure for me to write this letter reflecting upon feelings of joy and gratitude our family has been experiencing since the arrival of our German Shepherd Dog. Presently she is curled up by my chair, patiently waiting out the outcome of this letter. A little more reflective thinking takes me straight to our first gatherings at the training grounds for German Shepherds. These hours gave me a chance to have you think me a worthy candidate for such a remarkable dog. All these
initial and ongoing meetings continue to uphold and advance my impressions about your professional standards, knowledge and completeness of skills. Your matching our family with this dog is another example of your professional insights concerning all matters of canine presentations. Permit me to tell you about an experience that my dog and I had while hiking in the woods. I had taken her off the leash, and she was happily bounding around me. Suddenly, three large, stray male dogs charged up to us. My dog immediately took on frightening positions and showing of teeth. She put herself between me and two of the closest dogs and skillfully intimidated the brutes and chased them down the path. The third dog, a Rottweiler, was still close to me, and his demeanor was sizing me up. I called for my dog to come back. Upon her immediate return, she reassumed her threatening maneuvers, which made the Rottweiler run off to find his pack buddies.Again I called for her to return, and she responded immediately. I lavished much grateful praise on her. The situation was very intense, and now reflecting upon the various elements the dog handled, she was able to handle them with a judicious application, which her powers made available to her. She accomplished a total rout, and not a drop of blood was spilled. She had only been with us for four weeks! Mr. Rader, it was very humbling to see the German Shepherd demonstrate such risks on behalf of me. All these hours she has been with us now, right from the beginning to the present, this dog is a luminous example of why the German Shepherd Dog is an unequaled canine. Mr. Rader, we continue to look forward to spending more time in your company and to learning from a master teacher.
With warmest and deepest regards,

The W.G.W. Family