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If you or your family are looking to purchase a protection dog with different characteristics than you see on our page, please contact us. We have additional dogs that are not listed here. We can also have fully-trained dogs imported from our partners in Europe. We can customize any dog training to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in a dog, contact us for more information.


Belgian Malinois

Our Male Belgian Malinois is ready to be your companion. He is very well-mannered and does well with family. He is trained in obedience and protection.

German Shepherd Dog

Dolf is a very beautiful black German Shepherd. One and a half years old. A very good family dog. Fantastic with children and animals. Very alert at night. Train in protection and obedience.

German Shepherd Dog

Khloe is our fully-white German Shepherd Dog. She is almost 2 years of age and is an excellent companion for families with children thanks to her social nature.

German Shepherd Dog

Sniper is a 2-year-old Male German Shepherd Dog. He is perfect as a Family Protection Dog.  Good in the house, good with children and other animals.  Trained in Obedience and Protection.

German Shepherd Dog

Storm is another all-black male German Shepherd Dog. He is 1 year of age and has proven to be a loyal companion with the training he has received from us.

German Shepherd Dog

Thunder is our all-black German Shepherd Dog. He is a 1-year-old male and is a great, well-rounded dog, excelling at obedience and protection work.

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