Dog Training Sessions

About our training sessions

We know all our clients love their dogs, but having them obey commands can be difficult. At Wolfgang Expert Dog Training, we offer a 10-session training program. These dog training sessions consist of basic obedience training. We also offer an optional obedience with an intro to protection training package. Our trainers use commands that are a part of your everyday relationship with your dog, such as sit, heel, stay, down, down on command, and so on.

The obedience factor in your dog’s training is essential. It is the foundation on which we lay all other training programs. Let our expert trainers help you achieve just that. Wolfgang has over 40 years of experience and is very passionate about what he does. There is no better satisfaction than knowing your dog will obey your commands and will be well-mannered wherever you may find yourself. Come join our group of fun people and happy dogs—we guarantee your satisfaction! 

Dog training made easy

Dogs are in constant need of training, but this doesn’t have to be hard. There are some simple things that you can do to increase your dog’s responsiveness and good behaviors before or after hiring a professional.

Your Relationship

Build your relationship with your dog. Play with them, have fun, and interact with them. Training is universally considered to be more effective when a strong relationship exists between the dog and the person. Interactions with your dog helps them understand you even if it is just throwing a toy around or playing tug of war. Although we do not fully understand how much a dog can comprehend, its reasonable to believe they can understand body language to some degree.

Healthy Living

Just as we remember better when we are healthy and eating good food, dogs do too! You can improve the effectiveness of your dog’s training simply by improving the health of your dog. Food is a good place to start. Research your breed and pick a food that is best for them. Not all dogs need the same nutrition levels. If you are using dog treats, picking a healthy treat option is also important as treats tend to be more like junk food to increase the likelihood of your dog eating it. Just like donuts, tasty yet not very nutritious.

Role Models

A great way to train your dog how to behave properly is to simply spend time with other dogs who behave well. Just as we learn from others, dogs can learn from other dogs just by watching their behavior. If you don’t know of any well-behaved dogs, take your dog to the park. There are dogs to socialize with there. As an example, if your dog barks at other dogs whenever it sees them but other dogs aren’t doing that, your dog will feel out of place. Eventually, it will begin to realize that’s not how it should be acting and will learn how to act better just by spending some time with other dogs.