Exercise Requirements

All dogs should receive daily physical and mental exercise sessions. German Shepherds need both in order to be happy, and consequently, keep their owners happy. Depending on the age and activity level of the particular dog, physical exercise might amount to throwing a ball for 10 to 30 minutes in the backyard or dog park and/or going for a walk around the block or the neighborhood. Mental exercise is an important factor in creating a well-balanced German Shepherd Dog. Obedience sessions, learning new exercises including play breaks, make them fun for both dog and owner. Positive training can be incorporated into the dog's daily life to the enjoyment of all concerned. Interesting, indestructible, dog appropriate toys should also be provided. For example, many shepherds enjoy a hard rubber toy called a "Kong" available at many pet supply stores. Kongs come with instructions on how to fill with appropriate goodies to keep the dog interested and prevent boredom related destructive behaviors.