Combining Work With Beauty

In his over 30 years of experience in the dog business, Wolfgang has worked in different fields;  K9 training, K9 training for the German military, breeding, health, protection dogs, family dogs and of course, building relationships with dog owners. He has been able to establish a very unique and highly successful training program. Wolfgang has come to understand that meeting the standards of our clients and their dogs is highly important. An experienced trainer like Wolfgang will provide you with the expertise needed when it comes to choosing your new companion. We care immensely about trying to avoid at home disasters by being honest with our clients. We truly care about putting the right puppy into the right hands.              


Additional Information

We keep the original papers in our possession. If we think that your dog is qualified to improve the breed standard of his breed, then we give the breeding permit. 

To buy a puppy from us you have to leave a deposit. At the moment we only import puppies from  Europe / Germany. We expect our own puppies in the next three months.

With the purchase of a puppy, you get the opportunity to bring the dog twice in our In-Kennel Training Program for the first two years (A value of $ 7,000).

For us, it is important that your puppy gets the best conditions to develop into a very well matured self-confident healthy adult dog.

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